Let's make your copy sparkle...

so your business can thrive!

Bespoke, affordable copywriting services for small to medium-sized businesses dedicated to making a difference. 

For businesses that want to make a difference

however big or small.

Whether it's through sustainable living, empowering others, or breathing positivity into life, my clients all have one thing in common - they're making a difference.


But that alone is a full-time job, right? So who has time for blogging, email marketing, social media ads, website copy... and everything else?!

Well, that's where I come in!

I find the right words to create targeted, branded copy, and make your business thrive. 

Busy trying to change the world?

Here's how I help!




Success Stories

We absolutely love working with Rebecca.

Her ability to quickly deliver high-quality copy is unlike anyone else we've worked with.


From ad copy to product pages, to emails - Rebecca's skills are unparalleled.

Naveed Avery -
CEO of Switch Research


Hi! I'm Rebecca King

Your go-to copywriter.

With nearly a decade of writing experience, I've written everything from front-page news stories to children's novels. Now, I help businesses committed to positive change craft clear, creative and engaging copy that sells

Whether it's through email marketing, a blog post, or a website rewrite - I help businesses find the right words to share their services and products with their ideal customer. 

And don't worry - I'll can help you figure out exactly what kind of marketing strategy you need, so we'll be working together from the first step!